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設計靈感 Design inspiration

JOSPHERE Jewelry 設計師Josephine熱愛旅行與藝術,許多創作靈感都來自於世界各地不同國家的文化和藝術。Josephine想要讓品牌JOSPHERE Jewelary 把生活美學帶入設計中,讓系列產生不同時空,文化碰撞的美感和衝擊,帶給時尚女性最“真我”、“時尚”、“優雅”的打扮。

JOSPHERE Jewelry is a jewelry brand founded by Josephine Liu Davis, Josephine loves travel and art, and many of her creative inspiration comes from the cultures and arts of different countries around the world.  “Abstract, unrestrained style and elegance” are the core of JOSPHERE Jewelry’s unique brand, spirit and styling.

JOSPHERE Jewelry brings fashion women the most “real”, “fashion” and “elegant” .