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Hackney Collection

Hackney Collection

Hackney Wick 這一區處處充滿著傳統的英倫特色紅磚樓,處處可以看到工業精湛的傳統特色建築,在一排排紅磚小樓中每戶人家都精心的裝飾自己的門面,每個角落都散發著不同的創意巧思,因著這些小巧思讓紅磚屋的剛硬中帶了這一撇的溫柔,也激發了JOSPHERE喬絲斐的藝術總監,在”力” 與“美” 中碰撞出的想法。

Hackney Wick this area is full of traditional British red brick buildings in London, where you can see the traditional architecture of the city, perfectly interpreting the ideas that collide with “power” and “beauty”. It also inspired the artistic director of JOSPHERE, Josephine the design idea of colliding in “power” and “beauty”.